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Tuesday, January 6, 2009 !@#$% 5:27 PM
sims 2

haha i remember like a LONG time ago...i think it was grade 8, me, eleisha, Patricia and Emily made a sims family with tuxedo mask, hahahah

so i found my old sims 2 games and decided that since i use a pc now i should start playing agian.
i would have 0played when i had my mac, but the version bought was only for pc.

did they ever make a sims 3?

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Monday, January 5, 2009 !@#$% 9:06 PM
'In the Realm of the Basses

so i missed today's episode of gossip girl and i was so pissed off
so i looked for a website that had it uploaded, and watched it.
omg i seriously love chuck :)

"oh hey uncle hows it going"
"you do know i was on the flight with you back right....."
"oh that was you?"
something like that

chuck makes me so sad when he's like this.

can't wait till next weeks episode.

so today i was suppose to start reading AR and memorizing my lines, but i got distracted.....so i need to start tomorrow, unfailingly.

i officially hate high school and cannot wait to get the fuck outta here.
university/college is where the real fun begins.

pps.im suppose to eat at zetas or however you spell it tomorrow for lunch with vicky andrea and Debbie..but one of my nyr was to eat helthier.... french fries fried in artery clogging oil is not healthy....so i think ill bring my own lunch or something...
if i decided to eat it, ill eat like half of the portion and bring the rest home cause the "small" is HUGE

nts:try wayyy harder next semester.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009 !@#$% 5:57 PM
i dunno

thank goodness i bpought a planner a while back, im actually going to need it until exams are over.
there is SOOOOOOOOO much i need to do and my "to do list" is like not even half of it.
so im going to use the organizer/planner to wrtie donw everything i need to do each day, cause if i dont im going to like fail everything.
i already forgot about the drama cat !!!
im suppose to make ten journal, one each day of our practices....i totlaly forgot...shit.
i cant even remember the dates we practiced..... UGH :(

before school tomorow i need to
clean my room
print out drama script and english cat
figure out what im going to do with my hair ?
and i think thats it.
oh and add songs to my ipod

so my brother got littlebigplanet for christmas and i havent even touched it yet !
thats how fraking busy i've been
oh and speaking of my brother, we had a little bet that he cant go a week without playing his 360,ps3,wii,psp or ds.
he says he can so im unpluging all the sysmtems and hiding the cords along with his handhelds

speaking of 360 i want my fucking halo back from marlon !_
he said he'd give it back before christmas and he hasnt.
he onyl goes on msn through xbox and he wont even reply to me when i ask for it -__i dont thing my brother is going to let anyone borrow his games anymore.

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!@#$% 1:59 AM

i didnt proof read this, so have fun reading/.

its fucking 2am and im still typing my essay and as i was typing it it went over the 750word limit and it doesnt look like levelt four material and IM SO PISSED
lik ugghh i dont want to start all over i put wayy to much effort into this while half asleep 8if that even makes sense* and i dont want to do ANYWORK in the afternoon today so i MUST finish this c.a.t NOWWWWW
and im not re doing my essay
fuck this/
ill jsut hand it in the way it is, better than a zero.
the most i can do is get debbie to proof read it, but i doubt she'll ant to.

after im dont my essay i need to do some stupid shitty mother fucking literary crisitsm thing and i dont want to but i have to :(

THEN when im finally done at like 5 am I CAN FINALLY RELAX

AHAHA and then go to school on monay to get my science c.a.t assighned and work on my dramam c.a.t and finsih AR and study for EXAMS and buy dr. miracle cause my hair would have fallen out from allt he stress by then.

to do
  • reveiw science and english everyday
  • study for DRAMA AND GYM EXAM WTF holy name dint have no drama and gym exam frigg
  • schedual guidance appointment
  • buy makeup
  • buy headbands or whatver you call them
  • theres more but its a secret

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!@#$% 12:58 AM

so i was suppose to go to the mall with Ashley, Cheryl, Debbie and Delfin, but so far it doesn't look like thats happening.
so if it doesnt i think im just going to tell my mom to drop me off at chapters and ill get sb and walk around and look at books/mags :/
what a boring life i have, thanks to.

school monday.
im done my essay, i just have to type it out and do the other part to the c.a.t so yay ?

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Friday, January 2, 2009 !@#$% 10:54 PM

i hart my dad :)
so because my macbook died he felt bad that i have to share the old brick with my brother, so he gave me one of his laptops.
he owns his own business so he has like 3 and he just bought a new one in europe or w.e so he gave it to me.
now i have to admit i miss my mac, with photobooth and imove and stuff, but this is bettert than nothing, and it has vista so.

anyways, school starts on monday and im not done my english c.a.t yet.
i am suuucchhh a loafter.
ill finish it tomorrow and also get other things done as preperation for bts.
just 6 more months of school and its summer vacay.
haha "just" ...frig.

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!@#$% 1:39 PM
thoughts, not really ment to be read

i absolutely love the song the frug by Rilo Kiley .
whenever im in a bad mood, or just plain confused, i listen to this song,.
now the lyrics have nothing to do with being confused or upset, but i dunno, the feeling you get when you listen to it , it's just

anyways, you guys are really bringing me down.
like i honestly wanted to do so many things that i couldn't do when i was in holy name, thinking when i moved here things would be better.
but more than half of you guys i know because i know her.
i want friends that are friends with me because of me, not because im friends with one of their friends, and that's how it feels to me right now.
next semester is coming and i have all these people in my classes and hopefully things will get better.

& i hate walking in the halls past people i know from st. vals, and they walk past me like they don't even know me and they're better than me.
like fuck you.
especially you, you make me so sick.
i don't like you.
i don't HATE you, but i don't like you.

i just can't wait to move out of Mississauga to wherever cause sauga is just to damn boring.
nothing happens here.
i want to go back to living in Toronto,.
why did we have to move anyway.
like my parents said we're moving when im done highschool,but that doesn't really effect me now does it?
im going to be going to university in the sates anyway, so either they move or not, im going to be moving either way/

p.s why do i have all these people on my msn list that i have never met in my life ?!

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